RP Fedder Silvermicron™ Pleated Panel Air Filters

The only filter that features patented Grey Matter with Silver Pro and can inhibit the growth of hundreds of types of viruses, bacteria, molds, and germs, including Covid viruses - up to 99.6%.

A powerful combination of microbial-killing media in a MERV 11 format – perfect for situations that call for a higher level of “clean” without the added energy requirements or pressure drop of MERV 13+ filters.

Silver has been used for centuries to kill bacteria and other dangerous pathogens. Mounting research shows its effectiveness as an antibacterial agent against both Gram-negative and -positive bacteria, as well as an anti-fungal tool. Hospitals use it to combat germs on catheters and to wipe out dangerous "superbugs" that have grown resistant to traditional antibiotics. This powerful sanitizing agent is now available in filter format to help clean and sterilize microbes from the air.

  • Patented process infuses silver ions permanently into the air filter media, which inhibits the growth of 800+ germs, mold & bacteria – on contact, up to 99%
  • Exclusive two-ply filtration with a super pleat design - 16 pleats per foot
  • Works better in systems that are not equipped to handle the pressure drop of MERV 13+ filters. Lower pressure drop means better energy efficiency.