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The Modine name has become synonymous with quality unit heaters in millions of homes and workshops all across the world. The HD60 is no exception, with sound engineering and reliability to last decades on end. Field wiring connections and electrical knockouts allow the HD60 to be installed nearly anywhere, while its quiet operation and a natural, neutral coloring allow it to blend in seamlessly in any location.

Hush-Puppy Quiet Operation

The HD60 is incredibly quiet during operation. This allows the heater to be inconspicuous yet effective at all times - it will not distract you from your work.

Low Profile Design

The HD60 has an incredibly low profile design, measuring in at a height of only 18 inches. It can be mounted with a one-inch clearance from the ceiling on only two angle brackets, keeping the unit heater out of your way.

Aluminized Steel Heat Exchanger

The aluminized steel heat exchanger passes lower manufacturing costs along to the consumer, is incredibly durable, and is protected by a full 10-year warranty by Modine.

Electric Knockouts

Electric wiring knockouts and field wiring connections on the HD60 keep installation costs low and save time during both installation and maintenance for your contractor by simplifying all required electrical work.

Permanently Lubricated Motor

The motor on the HD60 has a permanent, long-lasting lubricant straight from the factory. This means that the motor never has to be oiled, reducing maintenance costs, general wear and tear, and operational noise.

Power Venting System

The power venting system quickly and efficiently brings flue exhaust from the unit heater to the outdoors and requires minimal installation labor. This keeps installation related costs as low as possible.

Baked-On Polyester Paint

The HD60 features a neutral colored baked-on polyester paint, providing excellent corrosion resistance and durability while blending in with a wide variety of environments.

Mounting Brackets Included

Model HD60 includes two mounting brackets for convenience.

Modine Installation

Installation by a professional installer is required by the manufacturer.