Best energy-efficient filters that last longer than others

Camfil is the global technological leader in premium air-filtration and air-pollution solutions for commercial, industrial, and healthcare environments. Camfil and RP Fedder have had an exclusive relationship serving Western and Upstate New York for over 30 years, working together to improve performance, minimize energy use, extend equipment life, and benefit human health and the environment.

The best work with the best.

Camfil makes the best filters on the market: they are the most energy-efficient, are more durable, and last longer than other filters.

With the combined know-how of our two companies, we can solve most any air filtration need, whether building new, retrofitting old, or just maintaining and operating what already exists. We bring you data and fact-based analysis to identify opportunities for saving money, freeing up technical resources, reducing operational risk, and meeting your sustainability goals. And, as leading providers with decades of experience, you can count on us to bring innovative yet pragmatic solutions that deliver in the real world.